Friday, July 8, 2011

Mugaritz Dinner

Well it only took me 8 months to put up info and pictures of the Mugaritz dinner. You know why? It was a disappointment. More expensive than the Arzak experience and just cold and impersonal... Not to mention I didn't really find flavor until the desert courses.

You choose a dining experience depending on you tastes. 
I chose neither, they made a custom meal for me until I said stop.

A potato baked in edible clay with garlic aioli.
More of a "look we made it look like a stone" than flavorful.

Garden turnip in octopus broth.
The turnip was very fibrous but the broth had nice flavor.

Squid and braised leeks.
The broth was made from caramelized leeks, tender squid but lacked salt.

Red cardoons, milk sheet and chufa water.
Crunchy nice cardoons but then too sweet of chufa flavor and a bland milk sheet.

Bread stew, pink geranium, snow crab.
Do you sense a theme here? I like to use broths in some of my dishes
but I mix it up way more than this. Pretty cool use of geranium and nice crab.

My least favorite. Razor clams, black bean broth, red beans and cinnamon.
Just didn't work for me.

Arraitxiki fillet with mushroom threads.
Delicious fish and cool use of fried then shredded shrooms.

Barbeque smoked foie gras, pumpkin pulp, warm spices.
Finally we are getting some flavor. But the foie wasn't clean properly
and I got a nice big vein to steer around. Good dish though.

Skate fillet, toasted butter, iberian sheen.
Tied for second! Really good, but don't ask me what iberian sheen is...

Lamb neck and caramelized onions in potato consome.
More broth? Really? Tasted good...

Roasted wood cock, grains and seeds, chickpea cream.
Rare local bird around there, felt privileged. You eat it head, beek and all.
Similar to a squab but they overcooked the breast :(

Ocean and land: Pork tails, langoustine, braising jus and Iberico chips.
Oh snap, how could this not be good. Tied for second!
Actually stole the "iberico chip" for a dish that I'm doing currently.

Cheese, baked apple.
Yup...good cheese.

48 hour iberico pork cheek, ice lettuce.
I love ice lettuce, if you find it, try it!
Holy god, Iberico Bellota pig cheek...first place!

Warm tablet with whipped honey and oats.
Finally they are having fun. Bar of sudsy soap, tasted good.

"Broken egg" iced yolk and white flowers.
This was cool, waitress came up with what looked like an egg
and shattered it on the plate. An egg custard was inside. I had a 15 minute conversation
with the pastry chef later about making the shell.

Broken walnuts, toasted and salted, milk cream, armangac jelly.
Very cool again, pastry chef was a badass. These walnut shells are actually candies.

Chocolate hazelnuts for the road.

After they had a fire they built my dream kitchen.

Would I go again? No... $361 with wine pairing,
when Arzak was the meal of my life for $276...Spain I miss you, I miss Arzak.

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